Giganews SSL Setup Instructions

All Giganews memberships get SSL Usenet browsing encryption!

Giganews now offers SSL Usenet browsing encryption for all memberships. This is the same encryption strength used by banking and financial websites. SSL gives you security, privacy and protection from rate limiting across all your Usenet activities.

Do you have an older membership without SSL? Upgrade to a new membership and get SSL Usenet browsing encryption.

Most newsreaders provide a Server Options screen requiring the following information:

Example of a newsreader setup panel

The server options screen includes everything you need to get up and running. Simply enter the information as follows:

Click on New Server
Name: (create a name of your choice)
Server Address: enter in
Connections: up to 10 or 20 depending on Giganews account
Username and Password: provided in email
Set SSL Port: check if using SSL. You can use port 563 or 443 for secure connections or port 119, 80 or 23 for standard connections.

For assistance in setting up SSL with other newsreaders, contact support.

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