1998: Giganews Premium Usenet

The service that would become Giganews was established in 1994 as the bundled Usenet access offered to customers of a newly established consumer ISP. The driving philosophy of this ISP was to offer the highest quality of service possible, a sentiment that also extended to the newsfeed. Eventually, the server was peered globally and outclassed other servers with its retention and reliability.

Giganews officially began offering premium Usenet access in the summer of 1998. Other independent Usenet services quickly began appearing, but the strength of Giganews' high-quality news service and excellent member assistance ensured that the service would continue to expand and offer new options.

In 2000, Giganews acknowledged the explosion of broadband internet access in the US by offering high-speed accounts with unlimited transfer rates, allowing broadband customers to thoroughly enjoy every last byte of their high-speed connectivity.

Throughout the last several years, Giganews has kept pace with the exponential growth of Usenet and continues to offer world-class service with emphases placed equally on speed, retention, reliability, and member service.

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