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Viscosity OpenVPN - VPN Setup instructions for VyprVPN

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Viscosity is a popular OpenVPN client for Mac OS X. These instructions describe how to connect to VyprVPN using Viscosity.

  1. Download and install Viscosity. When prompted, enter your Mac OS X username and password to authorize the configuration.
  2. Download and extract the OpenVPN configuration files located here.
  3. Click the Viscosity icon in the Mac OS X system menu.
  4. Select Preferences.
  5. Select the + symbol.
  6. Select Import Connection.
  7. Select From File.
  8. Select the OpenVPN configuration files you downloaded in step 3. This will import all of the VyprVPN server locations.
  9. Click the Viscosity icon in the system menu and select the Connect menu item for the location of your choice.
  10. Enter your Giganews username and password and click OK.


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