VyprVPN for iOS FAQ

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Setting Up VyprVPN for iOS

  • How to navigate the VyprVPN for iOS App

    After signing in, you'll see this important information on the first screen:

    • Your public IP address
    • Your connection state
    • Your current IP Location
    • The status of NAT Firewall

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  • How to enable your VPN connection

    1. Enter your username and password
    2. Go to the VyprVPN App home screen
    3. Tap Connect to enable your VPN connection

    By default VyprVPN will connect with the closest server to your location. See our "How to change server locations" section below.

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  • How to terminate your VPN connection

    • Open the VyprVPN App
    • Tap Disconnect

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  • How to change server locations

    To change your VyprVPN server location:

    • Open the VyprVPN App
    • Tap the location icon
    • Select a VPN server location by scrolling through the list
    • Tap Connect to establish a connection with the new location

    Note: If you are currently connected, you must first disconnect VyprVPN to change server locations.

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Learn More About VyprVPN for iOS

  • How to view your IP address

    VyprVPN displays two different IP addresses depending on whether you are connected to a VyprVPN server or not. When you are not connected to VyprVPN, the app and the 4x1 widget will display your public IP address. This address, located at the bottom of the screen, is not protected by VyprVPN. Once you enable your VPN connection, the app will display your VyprVPN IP address. This is the secured IP address granted to your VPN connection by the VyprVPN server.

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  • Which VyprVPN server should I connect to?

    For most users, the primary factors when choosing a server are performance and geographic location. If you want an IP address associated with a particular geographic location just select the server manually. If you want to find the server with fastest connection, use the Ping Test which is based on network latency.

    To choose the VPN server with fastest connection:

    • Open the VyprVPN App
    • Tap the location icon in the bottom-right corner of the home screen
    • Once you see the server list, click the dial icon in the top-right corner to run a Ping Test
    • Choose the fastest VPN server (look for the lowest ping time)

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  • Which VPN Protocol am I using?

    VyprVPN for iOS establishes a connection using the L2TP protocol which is popular due to its balance between security and performance.

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  • How do I delete my VPN profile?

    You can follow these instructions to delete your VPN profile on iOS 7 and 8.

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Troubleshooting VyprVPN for iOS

  • Contacting VyprVPN Support

    You can contact the Support Team directly through the VyprVPN App:

    To contact Support:

    • Press the Pinwheel button on your device
    • Scroll down to the Support section
    • Select Contact Support from the menu
    • Fill out the requested information in the form provided

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  • Accessing your Connection Log

    The connection log provides a local-only record of your VPN session activity. This information can be useful for advanced users who want detailed information about their VPN connection or when troubleshooting connectivity problems.

    To access your connection log:

    • Click on the pinwheel button on your device
    • Scroll down to the Connection section
    • Select Connection Log from the menu

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