How to remotely disconnect VyprVPN using the Giganews Control Panel

VyprVPN currently supports only one VyprVPN connection per user. For example, if your laptop at home is already connected to VyprVPN and you need to connect to VyprVPN using your iPhone, you will need to remotely disconnect your laptop's VyprVPN connection before using your iPhone to connect to VyprVPN. Read below to learn how to remotely disconnect VyprVPN using the Giganews Control Panel.

Bold items are things you will click or type

  1. Login to the VyprVPN section of the Giganews Control Panel.

  2. If you currently have an open VyprVPN connection, you will see connection status in the 'Current Connections' section of your VyprVPN tab. The Current Connections section shows your VyprVPN connection status.
  3. To terminate an open VyprVPN connection, simply click 'Disconnect'. Click on Disconnect to terminate your VyprVPN connection. Your active VyprVPN connection will automatically be terminated. You will now be able to connect to VyprVPN using a new device. Your VyprVPN connection has been terminated.


Manual Setup Instructions

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