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Is the explosion of Usenet growth and its associated technical challenges keeping you from focusing on your core business?

Would you like to strengthen your service offering by including access to the highest quality Newsgroup Service Provider (NSP) in the world? Would you like a service which is the default newsgroup option to more than 10 million broadband subscribers in 180 countries?

Then Giganews has a solution for you.

Serving the largest cable, Internet, and telecommunications providers around the world, Giganews acts as the top Tier 1 Usenet aggregator with more articles passing through it on a daily basis than any other Usenet system. In addition, Giganews is the number one source of original articles on Usenet.

The Giganews brand is recognized worldwide by Usenet customers as a symbol of quality and reliability. By providing Giganews access as a value added service to your Internet service offering you’ll be providing your customers with Usenet access you can rely on and you know your customers will enjoy.

Binary Retention: 3+ Years
Text Retention: 6739 Days
Completion Rate: 99%+

To contact our sales department or to sign up for a free ISP Trial account visit our Giganews ISP Account Request page.

Robust Service Offerings

Usenet Outsourcing Services
Let Giganews manage your newsgroup services front to back
Peering and Service Delivery
Current Giganews Peering Points-of-Presence
IHave and Suck Feed Service
The world's most complete Usenet feeding service
Giganews Referral Program
Refer members and receive commissions

Why Outsource Usenet Newsgroup Services to Giganews?

Company Stability

Profitable since 2000

  • Triple-digit annual growth yearly since 1998, profitable since 2000
  • Privately held, with same owners including CEO and CTO since 1998

Patent-Pending Technology

State-of-the-art Technology and 99.999% uptime.

  • Patent-pending clustering and storage technology based on three years of software research and development yields industry-leading results:
    • Giganews has twice the retention and ten times the completion rates of other news providers
    • Binary retention is 3+ years and text retention is 6739 days
    • Completion rates exceed 99%
  • Fully redundant global network includes Usenet points-of-presence in both the United States and Europe providing 99.999% uptime over the last 36 months.

Return on Investment

Outsourcing to Giganews saves money

  • Outsourcing Usenet services through Giganews has proven less expensive than running an in-house news system. The expenses associated with offering Usenet in-house equate to substantial hard and soft costs:
    • Capital expenditures include:
      • Supporting 200+Mbps of newsfeed traffic
      • Purchasing and managing multiple terabytes of storage
      • Acquiring and renewing software licenses
    • Soft costs include:
      • Hiring and/or training staff
      • Dedicating man-hours for maintenance and customer support

Expert Member Support and Easy-to-Use Control Panel

Usenet experts and online control panel provide world class support.

  • Giganews' ISP Support department consists of the world's best Usenet experts with years of industry leadership in deploying Usenet systems for telecommunication companies, multi-service operators, and Internet Service Providers. They are also masters of the systems and issues that govern the consumer Internet business (RADIUS, LDAP, abuse, DMCA, etc.)
  • Full-featured, easy-to-use, web-based Giganews Control Panel includes full authentication management, billing management, and an abuse control center with the ability to delete a customer's posts from a newsgroup. A true executive dashboard.

By leveraging our experience and expertise, you'll be able to focus on your business and not on trying to keep up with the never-ending explosion of Usenet growth. Giganews will provide a sure path into the future built on a foundation of experience and reliability. As you compete for subscribers in the global marketplace, Giganews will be a partner you can rely on to help you differentiate your services from your growing list of competitors and to satisfy your existing customers so they continue to be a source of income and referrals.

Usenet Outsourcing

Key Advantage: Flexibility

Customize the plans you offer to meet differing needs.

With the click of a mouse, you can control the speed at which your customer can download, the volume of data they are permitted to download, and many other aspects of newsgroup access. Giganews supports several types of billing options through our outsourcing services, most of which can be activated simply by signing up and redirecting your DNS servers.

Giganews Usenet outsourcing services allow you to:

  • Provide access to the most complete news feed available
  • Completely customize the Usenet service you offer
  • Depend upon a reliable and scalable network with uptime of 99.999% since 2001
  • Easily manage your account online in real-time
  • Access Usenet professionals with years of experience and know-how

Peering and Service Delivery

Giganews delivers services via the following public peering points. Utilize one of the following locations and enjoy special pricing:

  • US East: Equinix - Ashburn, Virginia (Washington, DC area)
  • Europe: Science Park - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

IHave and Suck Feed Service

Key Advantage: Simplicity

Giganews consolidates all of your outside newsfeeds into one complete newsfeed.

Whether you have a complex network of worldwide Usenet systems or a single server providing access to a handful of customers, Giganews has a feeding solution for you.

Giganews is the number one peered Usenet newsgroup service available. Giganews aggregates dozens of worldwide Usenet content sources into one easy-to-manage feed. No longer will you need to deal with complex peering relationships that don't take into account your need for quality and availability. With Giganews' feeding services, you'll have access to the expertise and quality that will help make your job easier and your customers happier. For more information, request a free trial.

Referral Program

Key Advantage: Generates Revenue

News client designers, web site operators, Internet Service Providers, and MSOs all benefit by promoting Giganews in exchange for Referral Commissions and reciprocal referrals. Many Referral Program Participants find Giganews' input on Usenet products and services beneficial, especially considering Giganews' vast knowledge regarding the residential newsgroup user. We will go the extra mile to ensure our Referral Program Participants access all the benefits of servicing a thriving Usenet community.

Referral Commissions & More Details

Giganews pays Referral Program Participants commissions for residential and commercial customers referred to us. Referrals can be made through banner advertisements, text links, or word of mouth. For details on Referral Program commissions please contact the Giganews business development department at .

Giganews' Referral Program Participants are registered through our business development department. As a registered Referral Program Participant you are required to provide information regarding the payment of referral commissions, including: a valid physical address or post office box, phone number, and information regarding the issuance of checks. All Referral Program Participants are also required to accept Giganews’ Referral Program Terms and Conditions found in the Referral Program web interface. To register for the Referral Program and get access to the web interface please contact .

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