Our Team

The Giganews standard of quality in news service is a direct reflection of the personal standards of the Giganews staff members.


The Giganews management team has always taken a 'hands on' leadership role, in coordinating and combining the efforts of the entire staff, to provide a news service that is nothing short of the best. They make certain that our staff remains responsive to the changes in technology and alert to the needs of our members.


The Giganews engineering staff draws upon a wealth of knowledge, experience, and creativity to design a news server cluster that not only meets the demands of a constantly growing newsfeed, but successfully anticipates future needs.

The senior members of the Giganews engineering staff are the same people who put the original servers online in 1994. The servers they designed quickly earned a reputation for quality and reliability, and that record continues to this day. Their personal commitment to excellence allows them to transform yesterday's experience into tomorrow's advancements.

Outsourcing Specialists

The Giganews outsourcing group is comprised of individuals from diverse backgrounds, so as a team they can intimately understand the needs of a wide variety of outsourcing customers, from local service providers to regional and national broadband companies. Rather than asking a customer to adapt to a limited 'account class', our outsourcing staff offers customized configurations that meet the exact needs of the customer.

Support & Member Service

The senior Giganews member service staff, responsible for training and quality assurance, are the same people that answered our first member inquiries, as Giganews opened for business. These same people have been downloading binaries and following text groups since the early years of Usenet newsgroups. The vast experience of our support staff allows them to understand the needs of our members, the nature of the newsgroups, and the importance of our responsiveness.

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