Giganews Usenet University Now Available in 8 Languages

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Giganews is proud to announce that the company's Usenet University™ tutorial content is now available in French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

The Giganews® web based Usenet University™ tutorial content was released in English earlier in 2008 and has garnered much praise from Giganews members and the Usenet community in general. As a result of the popularity of the English Usenet University content, Giganews has chosen to make the content available in all of the languages the company supports on its website.

Usenet University is a place that helps Usenet members better understand the process of accessing Usenet newsgroups. Members can learn basic information about Usenet or view screen capture tutorials about advanced techniques like optimizing news clients or the Giganews Accelerator.

Giganews is grateful for the opportunity to provide this valuable information in a variety of languages in support of the global Usenet community.

Webmasters and members are encouraged to link to Giganews' new multiple language Usenet University tutorials found at the following URLs.


Usenet University tutorial videos are currently only available in English; however, Giganews will be releasing new language versions in the future.

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