200 Days Binary Newsgroup Retention at Giganews!


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Giganews has completed its third significant storage upgrade of the year which will increase binary retention day by day through the end of the summer to 200 days! Giganews continues to hold text newsgroup articles indefinitely and as a result Giganews' retention in text newsgroups is well over 1400 days.

This latest upgrade comes just two months after Giganews announced 120 day retention in binary groups and only four months after Giganews announced 100 day retention in binary newsgroups.

"This recent push to 200 days retention fits into our normal cycle of perpetual upgrades. Traditionally we haven't increased retention by as large a margin as we are during this current upgrade; however, we have decided to accelerate our upgrade cycle so that we can continue to lead Usenet and provide more value for our customers. By nearly doubling our storage capacity Giganews is investing in our service so our customers can continue to enjoy the best Usenet experience possible." said David Vogelpohl, Giganews' Vice President of Marketing and Sales.

This retention upgrade follows closely after a series of additional security offerings, utility releases, and other value additions to the Giganews service.

Encrypted Usenet Access

In late 2006, Giganews deployed 256-Bit SSL Encrypted Usenet Access over port 563, which was quickly expanded to offer support over port 443. 256-Bit SSL encryption allows Giganews customers to browse and download headers and articles in a private, secure, and anonymous environment with similar performance they would expect from an unsecured connection. Encrypted Usenet access is included with all Diamond accounts and can be added as an upgrade to all other accounts.


Thanks to Giganews' recent upgrade, binary article retention will grow from 120 days to 200 days over the coming weeks. Customers will not need to make any configuration changes to enjoy increased retention.

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