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Giganews has completed a major storage upgrade on their global Usenet server cluster which will grow binary retention to 120 days. This upgrade changes the face of Usenet by allowing thriving newsgroup communities to engage for longer periods of time through fast and reliable Usenet servers. With 120 days of retention, Giganews will offer nearly 1 billion Usenet articles in over 100,000 newsgroups.

Less than two months ago, Giganews was the first Usenet provider to hit the century mark for binary retention, but in keeping with a commitment to meet and exceed the expectations of its customers, Giganews has again increased storage capacity which will allow Giganews' Usenet binary retention to grow to 120 days over the next 18 days.

"When we completed our last retention upgrade to 100 days we were pleased, but we wanted to push ourselves to the next level. Giganews is in a perpetual upgrade cycle and this current upgrade is just part of our larger goal of re-investing in our server infrastructure for the benefit of our customers. At Giganews we feel we have a responsibility to push the envelope when it comes to services and features and we hope these efforts will help expand and support the greater Usenet community as a result," said David Vogelpohl, VP of Marketing and Sales at Giganews.

Giganews has been making Usenet history since its inception, by regularly expanding the scale of Usenet retention and offering newsgroup communities more available articles than any other Usenet system. Giganews was also the first Usenet server to provide true broadband download speeds by offering non-rate limited access to its world class Usenet system.

In 2006, Giganews set another Usenet milestone by developing, and then expanding, the use of SSL encryption to help ensure security and anonymity for the Usenet community.

120 Days of retention is a first for Usenet and a significant achievement for Giganews. Increased retention times allow for newsgroup communities to access posts over a longer period of time and through a larger pool of articles. Giganews is proud to offer this first for the Usenet community and is looking forward to further improving its services and features.

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