Usenet Easier to Access with New Giganews Memberships and an Expanded 14 Day Free Trial!


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Giganews, the world's leading premium Usenet provider, is offering new low-cost memberships to make it easier than ever to share and download international multimedia content and discussions over the Giganews® Usenet network. In addition to new membership options, Giganews is increasing download allowances for members purchasing Silver and Bronze packages at no additional charge and offering a 14 day free trial on all new memberships.

Giganews' new low-cost memberships are designed to offer Usenet access to a broad range of people from around the world. Giganews members from many countries have been requesting lower priced memberships to make it easier for them to introduce friends and family to Usenet. Increasing the trial period from 3 days to 14 days will help those new to Usenet who need extra time to explore.

Details on all Giganews memberships and extended free trial offer can be found on the company's website

"As the leading premium Usenet provider, Giganews has a reputation for excellent service. We are expanding on that reputation by offering low-cost memberships and providing a longer 14 day trial, allowing a larger scope of people to enjoy Giganews' Usenet service." said Michael Douglass, head of product development at Giganews, Inc.

In addition to these new memberships, Giganews is increasing download allowances for current Silver members to 35 Gigabytes per month and Bronze members to 10 Gigabytes per month at no additional cost to current members.

Enhancing membership options, increasing download allowances, and expanding free trials to 14 days is part of Giganews' broader strategy to improve services and make Usenet more available than ever. Over the last year Giganews has:

Giganews is committed to maintaining the premium services it provides to its members, and the company is excited at the opportunity to continue to improve members' experiences and make Usenet easier to access than ever.

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