Giganews Unlimited Accounts with 10 Connections


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Giganews is proud to announce that all Giganews Unlimited Accounts now come with 10 concurrent connections at no additional charge! All Unlimited Accounts are being upgraded from 4 connections to 10.

Please note that Giganews accounts are single-user accounts for your use only. Any sharing of connections with other people will result in your account being suspended with the possibility of being banned from Giganews for life.

What is a concurrent connection and how will it affect you?

Concurrent Connections refers to the number of simultaneous open download streams you can make to our news servers.

More concurrent connections can ...

  • Improve the overall speed at which you're able to download from Giganews.
  • Offer greater flexibility when downloading from multiple groups or when downloading lots of articles and headers at one time.
  • Provider greater resiliency and shorten recovery time when dealing with network issues between you and Giganews.

Again, all Unlimited Accounts have already been upgraded to allow 10 concurrent connections, so there's nothing you need to do to your Giganews account to start enjoying our new and improved service. For information on upgrading to the Giganews Unlimited Account please log on to your control panel at and click on "Manage Service". If you don't yet have a Giganews newsgroups account, you can signup at

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