Giganews Retention Increased to Approximately 50 Days


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Giganews is proud to announce that we have upgraded our storage capacity by 20%, which should increase our binary retention to approximately 50 days!

Also, in case you didn't realize, Giganews has already upgraded our text retention to over 760 days!

Over the years, Giganews has always offered the best value for your money. Our goal is to give our customers the most reliable, most complete, and longest archived news service available.

Our recent upgrade helps us maintain the high service levels and reliability you have come to expect from Giganews.

There are no configuration changes necessary to start enjoying our new retention levels, and all of the spools are already full.

As always, thanks for choosing Giganews as your Usenet provider. We hope you enjoy our new retention and continued dedication to reliability and performance.

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