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Giganews, Inc., a leading provider of Usenet access services, announced today that they are now supporting the PayPal™ payment system for their service.

As the largest Usenet provider in the world, Giganews has an expansive base of international members who have varying requirements for purchasing things online. The decision to accept PayPal is designed to address these requirements for Giganews members across the globe.

In addition to expanded payment method support, Giganews has also internationalized its service by offering its website in eight different languages. The company hopes that accepting PayPal will make it even easier for members to subscribe to Giganews® Usenet services.

"PayPal support is one of our most requested features, and we are proud to accept PayPal for our members. The exciting thing about Usenet is that it allows people from all over the world to connect to each other. By supporting PayPal we hope to make premium Usenet more accessible for a global community." announced Giganews.

Current Giganews members may select to pay using PayPal by logging into their Control Panel and selecting "Change Payment". New Giganews members may choose to pay via PayPal when they sign up for service.

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