Usenet Experiences Unprecedented Growth; Giganews Announces Plans for Storage Upgrades


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Giganews, Inc., the world's foremost premium Usenet access provider, announced today that due to unprecedented growth in the volume of member uploads, plans to further expand storage capacity have been advanced.

During September 2008, Giganews completed storage upgrades which increased retention levels to 240 days. Shortly thereafter, Giganews' upload traffic jumped to a sustained level averaging well over 400 megabits per second, representing more than 4.3 terabytes of new user generated content and discussions per day. Giganews has seen steady upload growth throughout the decade, but the pace following the recent storage upgrade exceeded all expectations. The chart below displays the Usenet upload growth Giganews has experienced since January 2001:

"After our storage upgrades we noticed a considerable increase in overall usage and especially uploads," said Philip Molter, CTO of Giganews. "Due to the increase we have plans in motion to install further storage upgrades that will maintain our targeted retention level."

Members will experience retention levels slightly below 240 days until the upgrade is complete. Members can also expect Giganews to announce further storage upgrades in 2009 which will extend retention well beyond 240 days.

Due to the ever increasing popularity of Giganews Usenet, Giganews has actively improved its service and performance throughout 2008. Beyond retention upgrades, Giganews also recently announced the establishment of a network peering link at the London Internet Exchange™ and doubling capacity at the Amsterdam Internet Exchange™.

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