Giganews Sponsors Backend Infrastructure for Mozilla Foundation's Newsgroups


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AUSTIN, Texas — January 19, 2006 — The Mozilla Foundation and Giganews, the world's largest Newsgroup Service Provider, announced this week that Giganews will sponsor access to the Mozilla Foundation's Usenet newsgroups hierarchy. The Mozilla Foundation is responsible for the Mozilla open source project and the popular Firefox Web browser and Thunderbird email client. Giganews will provide all server infrastructure and systems support through their global Tier 1 Usenet clusters, offering excellent reliability and redundancy to the Mozilla project's developers, while saving the Foundation the trouble and expense of running their own in-house operation.

"The Mozilla Foundation was created to support the development of the best quality software and services to people looking for innovation and choice on the Internet. We know that the Mozilla community has high expectations of us, and we felt that choosing Giganews to host our Usenet capabilities would allow us to continue to adhere to our high standards and offer an excellent service to our developers and other members of our community," detailed Frank Hecker, Director of Policy at the Mozilla Foundation, when asked about the partnership with Giganews.

Known for their reliability and performance, Giganews is able to provide Mozilla developers with a solid Usenet Newsgroup hosting service that has global distribution points and multiple levels of redundancy.

Jonah Yokubaitis, CEO of Giganews, says, "The Giganews and Mozilla partnership is a natural fit and we're glad to offer this free service to their valued developer network. Mozilla's reputation for developing some of the Internet's leading browser and e-mail applications has attracted the same type of customers who demand the high quality Usenet service that Giganews provides."

About Giganews, Inc.

Founded in 1998 and profitable since 2000, Giganews, Inc. is the world's largest Newsgroup Service Provider (NSP) offering service to more than 10 million broadband subscribers in 180 countries. First to market with 99.5% article completion and industry-leading article retention of over 925 days in text groups and up to 70 days in binary groups, Giganews offers unparalleled Usenet Newsgroup access through a proprietary, scalable platform designed to maximize speed and reliability. Patent-pending technology allows Giganews to prepare for future growth through infinitely scalable and performance enhancing storage and newsfeed infrastructure. With global technical operations in North America and Europe, Giganews serves individuals as well as the largest cable, Internet and telephony providers worldwide.

About the Mozilla Foundation

Established in July 2003, the Mozilla Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote choice and innovation on the Internet. The Foundation provides organizational, legal, and financial support for the Mozilla open source software project. It coordinates a range of contributors, including the activities of its wholly owned subsidiary the Mozilla Corporation. The Foundation is based in Mountain View, California. Learn more about the Mozilla Foundation at

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