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Giganews has implemented an official company blog, where Giganews employees can share information and experiences about Giganews and other Usenet related technologies.

Blogs, short for "weblogs", are websites that are structured as diaries or journals and are used to share personal views and advice on subjects of the author's choice. The Giganews blog will offer insight into official company news as well as links to and commentary on the latest happenings around the web. The Giganews blog can be found at

The addition of a blog to the Giganews site reflects the emphasis placed on serving the Usenet community. Now customers can peek into the company culture at Giganews and interact with employees by commenting on their blog posts. Instead of using a corporate blog as a one-way device to speak to customers, Giganews will use it as a tool for sharing content and promoting dialogue with them.

An official blog is just one of many new service features and improvements Giganews has implemented throughout the past year, including multiple binary and text newsgroup retention upgrades and multi-lingual website mirrors.

For more information about Giganews, please visit

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