Giganews Brings Network to UK through LINX

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Giganews, Inc., the world's foremost premium Usenet access provider, announced that they have established an open peering connection at the London Internet Exchange (LINX™). Thanks to this move, Giganews customers in the U.K. can expect consistently improved latency and bandwidth availability when using Giganews.

"Our motivation behind joining LINX was primarily to reinforce our ability to serve customers in the U.K. with speedy and consistently reliable service. From a business standpoint, we also cannot ignore the cost-saving benefits offered by open peering," explained Philip Molter, CTO of Giganews. "We can pass traffic to - and receive traffic from - the many U.K. ISPs that are LINX members in an extremely fast and direct manner with no costs incurred. This also benefits smaller service providers whose customers can now enjoy Giganews at full speed, with little cost burden on the provider."

Establishing open peering arrangements at neutral Internet Exchange Points is a highly desirable practice because the Internet Exchange members are able to significantly improve latency, bandwidth, fault-tolerance, and the routing of traffic between themselves at no additional costs. Without a neutral Internet Exchange to accommodate open peering, back-and-forth traffic delivery would be dependent on individual upstream providers and would not be guaranteed to follow an efficient route across networks.

Giganews has already seen much benefit from their initial connection, and plans to double their network capacity at LINX in the near future.

Giganews' membership of the London Internet Exchange is the most recent of many service improvements Giganews has undertaken this year. Since January, Giganews has unveiled support for custom usernames, added PayPal™ payment methods, increased binary article retention to 240 days, and internally resolved and alerted the Usenet community to the issue of 64-bit article numbering.

Peering With Giganews

Giganews offers network and NNTP peering through direct cross connects and peering networks such as LINX and AMS-IX. For more information on peering directly with Giganews please contact

About The London Internet Exchange (LINX)

LINX is a mutually owned membership association for operators of Internet Protocol networks. Established in 1994, LINX provides a neutral interconnection facility and peering platform while also representing the interests of its 298 members on matters of public policy. The LINX platform has a global reputation for quality, performance and technical excellence and as a result, is able to access 175,000 Internet routes reaching in excess of 40 countries from Europe, North America, the Middle East, the Far East, Australasia and Africa.

For more information please visit the LINX website:

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