Giganews Releases Flame Wars, A Usenet-Themed Arcade Game


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Giganews is proud to announce the release of Flame Wars, a Usenet-themed arcade game inspired by classic arcade shooters.

The Flame Wars™ game stars you as a hotshot pilot in the Giganews Fleet, tasked with navigating the worlds of Usenet newsgroups in search of stolen articles protected by intergalactic trolls.

In every group, the trolls fiercely protect their loot, determined to end your session by hurling nonstop flames. Collect groups of articles to receive power-ups, such as kill-file missiles to deal with trolls or the Giganews Accelerator to increase the transfer speed of your download beam. Put your skills to the test as you try to become the fleet's ace pilot!

Flame Wars was developed completely in-house as a fun gift for Giganews customers and the entire Usenet community. We are also maintaining a blog post for players to compare their high scores at

The highest score achieved by the Giganews team so far is 198,000, so see if you can top our in-house hotshot and post your score as a comment on the blog post listed above.

Be on the lookout for more exciting announcements from Giganews in the future.

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