Giganews Launches Usenet Infrastructure in Hong Kong!


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Austin, TX - Giganews, Inc., the world's foremost premium Usenet access provider, has established a news server cluster in Hong Kong, providing faster and more reliable access to members throughout the Asia Pacific region, including Australia, Hong Kong, China, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, and many other nations. This expansion marks the first infrastructure deployment by Giganews into the Asia Pacific region.

Giganews is also seeking regional Internet service providers to establish peering with their Hong Kong cluster. Peering with Giganews' Hong Kong cluster is available at the Hong Kong Internet Exchange (HKIX™) or through a direct connection at Equinix Hong Kong.

"Similar to our recent network expansions into the UK at LINX and Germany at DE-CIX, the primary motivation for launching a server cluster in Hong Kong is to provide download speeds and overall service levels that match our reputation for excellence for our Asian Pacific members. This new cluster also allows regional Asia Pacific ISPs the option to peer with Giganews. Peering directly with ISPs will help encourage the growth of Usenet by reducing bandwidth costs and improving performance," said Philip Molter, CTO at Giganews.

Giganews' Hong Kong server cluster will begin operation on January 6, 2009. Asia Pacific Giganews members will have their traffic automatically directed to the new Hong Kong cluster when they connect to No newsreader modification or reconfiguration is necessary.

Expansion into the Asia Pacific region is the end cap to a busy year for Giganews. In 2008, Giganews:

Giganews is excited about the prospect of providing better service for Asian Pacific members through its brand new server cluster in Hong Kong. Giganews members in Asia Pacific regions who are interested in sharing the great new speeds and service levels available through Giganews' Hong Kong infrastructure are encouraged to refer friends and family using their referral web address. Every referral who signs up for Giganews' service through this web address and maintains their account for 60 days will earn members up to $20 in credit on their account. Details about the Giganews referral program can be found at

Peering With Giganews

Giganews offers network and NNTP peering through direct cross connects and peering networks such as HKIX, DE-CIX, LINX and AMS-IX. For more information on peering directly with Giganews please contact

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