Giganews Doubles Capacity at the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX)


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Giganews, Inc., the world's foremost premium Usenet access provider, announced that they have doubled network capacity at the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX™)from 40 gigabits per second to 80Gbps. This expansion effectively allows Giganews to accommodate twice as much AMS-IX traffic as before, which the company expects to aid in delivering broadband speeds that members in Europe have come to expect.

In 2005, Giganews contributed to world-record data transfer speeds when AMS-IX became the first Internet exchange to break the barrier of 100Gbps of sustained throughput.

"The fact that our current individual network capacity at AMS-IX is just short of what was considered a milestone for the entire exchange three years ago speaks not only to the tremendous growth of Giganews in Europe, but also illustrates that the Internet at large is rapidly maturing as demand for reliable delivery of rich multimedia content grows," said Philip Molter, Chief Technical Officer of Giganews.

In general, open peering at Internet exchange points is a desirable practice because of the benefits of reduced costs for traffic delivery, as well as improved fault-tolerance and efficiency in routing traffic among Internet exchange members.

AMS-IX in particular, and Amsterdam in general, is an especially strategic peering point for various reasons. AMS-IX has more connected members than any other Internet exchange worldwide, which ensures that Giganews customers on numerous European networks receive the same excellent performance across the board. The relatively central location of Amsterdam in Europe mitigates the effect of latency for customers throughout Europe. Henk Steenman, CTO of AMS-IX, says "We see many parties aggregating 10GE connections to the exchange these days, however redundant connections of over 40GE are still quite rare and unique. It takes a company with a serious network infrastructure and premium service with dedication to its customers to be able to drive those investments through and implement such a high-end roll-out."

Expanded network capacity for its European customers is the latest in a series of service improvements undertaken by Giganews this year, including support for custom usernames, accepting payments via PayPal™, increasing binary article retention to 240 days, and internally resolving and alerting the Usenet community to the issue of 64-bit article numbering.

Peering With Giganews

Giganews offers network and NNTP peering through direct cross connects and peering networks such as AMS-IX and LINX™. For more information on peering directly with Giganews please contact

About AMS-IX

AMS-IX (Amsterdam Internet Exchange) is a neutral and independent not-for-profit Internet exchange providing services since the early 1990's. The AMS-IX platform provides high quality, non-blocking professional peering services for all types of IP traffic whether data or VoIP. AMS-IX hosts the first mobile peering points worldwide, the Global GPRS Roaming Exchange (GRX) and the Mobile Data Exchange (MDX), as well as solutions for broadcasting traffic with the multicast peering service.

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