Giganews announces Mimo Beta Usenet Browser plus new features for all memberships


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Giganews, the world's premium Usenet provider, announced today that Mimo Usenet Browser and Golden Frog Usenet Search are out of the exclusive tech preview phase and are now available in beta for all Diamond Giganews members.

Mimo Beta Usenet Browser is a brand new cross-platform Usenet browser developed by Golden Frog specifically for the Giganews Usenet service. Mimo is optimized for faster browsing, searching and downloads. It features image thumbnail viewing as well as filtering capabilities on text, binaries and images. It is integrated with Golden Frog Usenet Search, a feature that indexes all of Giganews' retention.

Since July, select Diamond members participated in a tech preview of the browser and search features, providing feedback that was applied to the ongoing development of the products. From development to preview and into beta, Golden Frog implemented nearly 450 improvements based on Diamond Giganews member feedback.

Golden Frog Usenet Search is the world's only Usenet search engine capable of dynamically indexing Giganews' complete binary retention — that's over 800 days and counting! This is the only Usenet index in the world with the capacity to search all of Giganews. Golden Frog Usenet Search is integrated with Mimo Usenet Browser and runs on servers optimized for speed, providing subject-based binary search across all groups.

About Golden Frog

Golden Frog is a global software company dedicated to developing tools that provide reliability, performance and security. Giganews chose Golden Frog for their focus on service, privacy and online security.

Giganews and Golden Frog partnered together to bring innovative applications to Diamond Giganews members. Last November, Giganews introduced the beta version of VyprVPN, Golden Frog's personal Virtual Private Network, to Diamond members. VyprVPN exited beta in March 2010 and became a regular feature for all Diamond Giganews memberships.

About Giganews

Giganews, the world's largest and most trusted Usenet provider for more than a decade, offers unparalleled newsgroup access through a proprietary, scalable platform designed to maximize speed and reliability. Giganews serves individuals, as well as the largest Internet service providers, telecommunications companies, and multi-service providers in more than 200 countries, making it the top Usenet aggregation point in the world. More articles pass through Giganews on a daily basis than any other provider. In addition, the Giganews Newsgroups Archive hosts more than 12 billion articles requiring several petabytes (PB) of storage. Learn more about Giganews at

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