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Giganews, Inc., the world's largest Usenet provider, announced today that their software based news proxy, the Giganews Accelerator ™ program, is now out of beta.

The Giganews Accelerator is a Windows based application which enables Giganews account holders to download compressed newsgroup headers and utilize Giganews' encrypted Usenet access services.

In addition to supporting 256-bit SSL encrypted Usenet for Giganews account holders with SSL enabled, the Giganews Accelerator encrypts all authentication and NNTP commands for every customer, regardless of account level. Encrypted authentication solves a long standing security concern with Usenet access accounts, and encrypted NNTP commands will help some customers avoid traffic limitations on networks between Giganews and their computer.

The header compression function of the Giganews Accelerator will allow for header download speeds up to 10 times faster than with uncompressed headers, a feature particularly helpful to Giganews users who utilize news reader software which downloads all new headers in a newsgroup the first time a newsgroup is accessed (Example: Newsbin).

"We're glad to finally be able to offer this product as a final version for our customers. The demand for increased security and faster header download speeds amongst Usenet users has propelled the creation and implementation of technologies, such as the Giganews Accelerator." commented David Vogelpohl, Vice President of Marketing and Sales at Giganews.

Giganews customers wishing to take advantage of 256-bit SSL encrypted Usenet access, encrypted authentication, compressed headers, and encrypted NNTP commands through the Giganews Accelerator can do so by downloading the application at The application is free, but 256-bit SSL encrypted Usenet functionality will require a Giganews SSL enabled account. Encrypted authentication, compressed headers, and NNTP commands are available to every customer regardless of whether 256-bit SSL is enabled on their account.

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