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Austin, TX — Giganews, Inc., the world's leading premium Usenet service provider, announced today a major advancement in encrypted Usenet access. Giganews has developed an extremely efficient Usenet encryption service by utilizing SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption on Giganews' own proprietary Usenet platform. Giganews' deployment of encrypted Usenet access comes in response to customer feedback, increased encryption support in popular newsreader programs, and the desire to offer the highest level of security and privacy possible.

Encrypted Usenet access allows Giganews' customers to securely and privately participate in Usenet newsgroups. All data passed from Giganews' servers to the customer's computer is encrypted. This includes all username and password data, articles, posts, and headers. For the first time, Giganews' encrypted Usenet service gives customers security, privacy, and anonymity in a performance rich environment.

Giganews was able to leverage proprietary technology to implement encrypted Usenet access on Giganews' standard Usenet server environment. All Usenet traffic is encrypted on Giganews' reader servers and is not passed through a separate encryption server. This allows Giganews to avoid traffic congestion and to maintain extremely high levels of redundancy.

"We continue to lead the premium Usenet community through our implementation of in-demand features. Security and privacy are growing concerns among our customers, so developing encrypted Usenet access was part of a natural progression," said Jonah Yokubaitis, CEO of Giganews.

Encrypted Usenet access will be available to all Giganews customers as an additional service option. Because of the increased bandwidth overhead required to implement encrypted Usenet access, Giganews is also offering an additional 10 concurrent connections to customers who add encrypted Usenet access to their account.

Encrypted Usenet access is the latest in a string of service improvements implemented by Giganews including multilingual websites, additional bonuses for referrals, and retention upgrades to 90 days in binary newsgroups. Frequently asked questions about Giganews' encrypted Usenet access service can be found at

What is encrypted Usenet access?

Encrypted Usenet access utilizes SSL to encrypt all of the information transmitted between the client and server. Encrypting a connection with SSL significantly decreases the likelihood of identity theft (via a stolen username and password) and other online security concerns. SSL is the same technology used on many web pages that require secure connectivity, such as online stores or Giganews' own signup page.

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