Giganews Supports Custom Usernames for New and Existing Members


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Giganews, Inc., the world's largest premium Usenet service provider, is now offering support for custom usernames for their new and existing members. Support for this new feature is an attempt by Giganews to improve their members' user experience.

New Giganews members will now have the option to create their own custom username when they sign up for a Giganews account. For existing members, the process is just as easy.

Existing Giganews members need only sign into their Giganews control panel and select the "Change Username" link on the panel's homepage. There the current member will enter their desired username and click "Change Username". An existing member's newly changed username will be in effect about 15 minutes after they have submitted it for change.

"Giganews is a company made up of Internet users. Each and every one of our employees understands how difficult it can be to remember all the usernames a person must keep track of for various websites and services. By allowing our members to create custom usernames, we're trying to improve the user experience in a way that we ourselves appreciate as members of the Usenet community," commented David Vogelpohl, VP of Marketing and Sales at Giganews.

This new feature comes as a result of requests by Giganews members seeking an easier way to remember their username.

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