Giganews Increases Binary Usenet Retention to 240 Days

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  • 240 Days Binary Retention Upgrade
  • Custom Usernames Support
  • PayPal Support

In July of last year, Giganews , Inc., the world's foremost premium Usenet access provider, broke the Usenet retention record by offering 200 days in binary newsgroups. Today, Giganews announced that they have started the process to upgrade retention in binary newsgroups to 240 days. Giganews expects to have the upgrade complete during September 2008.

This continues Giganews' efforts to improve the Giganews® Usenet offering, including support for custom usernames and the ability to pay for services using the popular PayPal® payment service.

"Giganews prides itself on delivering the premium Usenet services our members expect. We enjoy implementing features that improve our members' experience and we are excited about offering 240 days of retention across binary newsgroups," commented David Vogelpohl, Vice President of Marketing at Giganews.

The storage infrastructure needed for this retention upgrade has been ordered and Giganews expects to have the upgrade complete during September 2008. After the storage infrastructure is in place, retention will grow from 200 days to 240 days.

Giganews' new retention levels will be available across all binary newsgroups including single-part and multi-part binary newsgroups. It should also be noted that news reading software can be used to access Giganews' full retention without the aid of message ID based files like NZBs; although these files will also work with the Giganews service.

In addition to this retention upgrade, Giganews is planning further service improvements for its Usenet access service by the end of the year.

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