Adelphia Chooses Giganews to Deliver Usenet Newsgroups to Over One Million High-Speed Internet Subscribers


Giganews' reliability, experience allows Adelphia to offer Usenet Newsgroup service to customers.

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AUSTIN, Texas — June 8, 2004 — In a strategic outsourcing agreement with one of the largest cable companies in the United States, Giganews Inc. will provide Usenet Newsgroup services to Adelphia Communications Corporations' (OTC: ADELQ) High-Speed Internet customers. The agreement allows Adelphia to eliminate the expense and resources associated with running an in-house Usenet Newsgroup system while offering fast and reliable Usenet Newsgroup services to more than one million customers throughout the country — at no additional charge to them for up to 5GB of news.

Adelphia is one of a growing number of cable companies to outsource Usenet Newsgroup services to Giganews, the world's leading Newsgroup Service Provider. As a result of this latest outsourcing agreement, Giganews is now the primary Usenet Newsgroup service for over 10 million broadband subscribers.

Usenet is a powerful tool for exchanging information online. Created in 1979, Usenet is comprised of a collection of ever-expanding online forums called Newsgroups. Through Usenet Newsgroups, users can share information on just about any conceivable topic — from the most obscure hobbies and interests to subjects with broad appeal, such as politics, sports and entertainment. Giganews CEO Jonah Yokubaitis estimates that the amount of data generated by Usenet Newsgroup customers has more than tripled in the past 24 months alone, with new Usenet Newsgroup postings now exceeding one terabyte per day.

"The explosive growth of Usenet Newsgroups makes the in-house management of them a complex and costly proposition for cable companies like Adelphia," Yokubaitis said. "More and more, these companies need a reliable partner who has the expertise, technology and experience to help deliver quality Usenet Newsgroup services while keeping costs under control."

With Giganews as its Usenet Newsgroups outsourcing partner, Adelphia is able to improve the quality of the Usenet Newsgroup service it delivers to customers with faster download speeds and better retention and completion of Usenet Newsgroup messages. As a result, consumers are now able to find and download posted articles from up to six months ago.

"Giganews is known for delivering reliable access to Usenet Newsgroups, and its extensive experience with cable companies like Adelphia meant we could deliver a top-quality Usenet Newsgroup service to our customers for less than what it would cost us to do it ourselves," said Karl Ossentjuk, Adelphia VP, HSD product management. "Best of all, the switch to Giganews was seamless. In fact, the only difference for our customers was an immediate improvement in service - that is, faster, more reliable access to their favorite Usenet Newsgroups."

About Adelphia

Adelphia Communications Corporation (OTC: ADELQ) is the fifth-largest cable television company in the country. It serves customers in 30 states and Puerto Rico, and offers analog and digital video services, high-speed Internet access and other advanced services over Adelphia's broadband networks.

What are Newsgroups?

The four pillars of the Internet are the World Wide Web, e-mail, FTP (file transfer protocol) and Usenet. Created in 1979, Usenet is comprised of a collection of electronic discussion forums called Newsgroups, accessed through software such as Outlook Express, where individuals exchange data and ideas. Companies such as Giganews offering Usenet access to Newsgroups are commonly called Newsgroup Service Providers (NSPs).

About Giganews, Inc.

Founded in 1998 and profitable since 2000, Giganews, Inc. is the world's largest Newsgroup Service Provider (NSP) offering service to more than 10 million broadband subscribers in 180 countries. First to market with 99.5% article completion and industry-leading article retention of at least 38 days in binary groups, Giganews offers unparalleled Usenet Newsgroup access through a proprietary, scalable platform designed to maximize speed and reliability. Serving both individuals as well as the largest cable, Internet and telephony providers, Giganews acts as the top Usenet aggregation point in the world, with more articles passing through it on a daily basis than any other provider. In addition, the Giganews Newsgroups Archive hosts more than 210 million articles requiring more than 400TB of storage. For more information, go to

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