240 Day Binary Retention Expansion is Complete!


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In July of 2008, Giganews, Inc., the world's foremost premium Usenet access provider, announced plans to upgrade retention in binary newsgroups to 240 days. Today Giganews is proud to announce that the full 240 days retention has been achieved.

Retention is a term that denotes the maximum length of time an article will be available on a particular Usenet server. Retention rates can and do vary among Usenet service providers, and the 240 days of binary retention offered by Giganews is by far the highest in the industry.

"Our most recent retention expansion was implemented precisely on schedule and has ensured that we remain a step ahead of the competition, not just with regards to article storage but in all areas important to Usenet consumers," said Giganews.

This upgrade is another step in a continuous effort to ensure the Giganews® Usenet service offers industry leading service that remains on the innovative cutting-edge. This year, Giganews has also offered support for custom usernames, added support for payments via PayPal, and announced the need to move to 64-bit Usenet article numbering.

Expanded retention levels will be available among all single- and multi-part binary newsgroups. Customers will not need to refresh or adjust any settings in their news reader clients to take advantage of the expanded retention levels.

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