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Giganews is fast, reliable, and never any incomplete posts, unless of course the poster had problems. I have nothing bad to say, IT JUST WORKS, and is way fast with the multiple threads. Keep up the great work guys

Wendell - Fair Lawn, New Jersey

There are great things about Giganews, from the retention (go 1000 days!) to the price... but the thing that sets Giganews apart from other usenet providers is their commitment to ongoing expansion of services. We have VPN with multiple levels of protection and access, a free usenet browser, great customer support, and fast.. very fast.. connections. With other usenet providers you get a username and a password. That's pretty much it. No comprehensive guides on how to set up your stuff and no exclusive features. Giganews gives you the best bang for your buck. Thanks Giganews!

Brandon - Hillsboro, Oregon

Giganews is always blinding fast and the retention is unparalleled. I have had a Giganews account for years and have never had even a single reason to complain (and I'm a picky guy!).

Nathanael - Dumfries, Virginia

Promptly support, faster, fair price, plus aggregate value with VPN, Mimo and more! What else I need to say%3F

Fernando - Jaboatao Dos Guararapes, Brazil

Deep (Retention, as deep as you WANT it) Fast (As fast as you can STAND it) UP Time (Always there when you NEED it) Giganews - Satisfaction Plus

Philip - Hampstead, New Hampshire

I'm in Thailand and I think giganews is the best forever for newsgroup, it's very stable, fast and long retention than others and has many function for member like Mimo, Giganrews Accelelator and VyprVPN

Suchat - Taweewattana, Thailand

Giganews is the Cadillac Of service providers! I was recommended from a family friend and boy oh boy am I happy he put me on to Giganews. Not only is the fastest provider, it has a lot of choices for the different types of users. I download a lot of different stuff so I went with the Diamond package. I love downloading when my friends are here, it's kinda like I show off in front of them and I love it. Keep up the awesome work!

Jesse - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Best usenet service out there. Tried cheaper ones, tried ones more expensive, tried ones that claimed to be faster, but none match Giganews. The recent work on privacy with vyprvpn is also a really nice and welcome service

Michael - Hvidovre, Denmark

GigaNews rocks! the best Usenet provider PERIOD! Performance + Retention * Fastest Speed = GIGANEWS!

Joseph - Magna, Utah

Giganews is simply the best provider they blow the socks of the competition! Giganews offers all the “bells and whistles” including VyprVPN VPN and the excellent Mimo Newsreader. Giganews wins hands down!

Colin - Albstadt, Germany

Giganews has been, hands down, the absolute best provider of Usenet access I've EVER had. I've tried a lot of the big names like Easynews, Usenetserver, Astraweb, and more. Giganews beats them ALL with retention, speed and completion. BRAVO!

Blake - Birmingham, Alabama

Giganews is the first but with several monthes of uses, the best provider we can use. Why? Because is using is very simple and the retention is the higher of the market. I'm a big fan of this service!

Jahan - Clamart, France

Long before i entered usenet usage and have had many providers before i got to Giganews. But since then i'm a customer and be satisfied without any problems. Most usenet providers have not that outstanding realibility and service, so you pay less but the problems are most times unsolved when having trouble. Giganews is the best provider i have for now and i accessed the usenet almost since 1995, so thats a fact you can count on. Its the best recommondation for a usenet provider today and the future.

Stefan - Hamburg, Germany

Any serious usenet user understands that the ability to download historical articles and binaries is the key to making usenet useful. This is why the super long retention and high bandwidth provided by Giganews makes them the BEST provider. Thanks Giganews!

Donald - Stanhope, New Jersey

Giganews is the best Provider. -Maximum Speed -Up to 50 Lines -SSL -VPN -Highest Rentention -High Quality Service -High Quality Support/24hours/365Day I am using this Service now over 4 Years, there's nothing to complain

Oliver - Langgöns, Germany

I have used Giganews for a few years now. This is without a doubt the best provider on earth! Thanks alot for letting me be a member! And thanks alot for being the best!

Kenneth - Spydeberg, Norway

This is the best service by far, don't waste your time and money with sub-par services.

Cindy - Toronto, Canada

Giganews has the best speed, the best retention, and the best service of ANY Usenet provider. I would never give switching a thought and recommend this service frequently!

Geoff - Allendale, New Jersey

Giganews is awesome because it provides me with the best services for one price - I don't have to pay 4 different services to get all that giganews provides for one price. And to boot, it's the best service out there, on all accounts.

Davi - Santos, Spain

Best service EVER. It's like the internet on STEROIDS

Brian - Mebane, North Carolina

I have been a member of giganews for around 5 years now. Hands down the best service out of the 5-6 of major players I have tried.

Kevin - Coon Rapids, Minnessota

Giganews IS the best service, thats for sure. Since i'm a member i experienced no downtime, top speed and a very high retention & completition rate. The Giganews support is very quick and friendly. Ok, all that has its price. The diamond account is not exactly “cheap” but it is definitely worth it with all the benefits like VyprVPN and MIMO. Thanks for all that Giganews! Go for 1000 more Days :-D

Jan - Schönenberg, Switzerland

Dear favorite Usenet provider, Thank you for the best service I have ever received. Keep up the good work for 1000 years. Kind Regards Miroslav

Miroslav - Hoofddorp, Netherlands

Giganews is always there and always smokin' fast. If you can't find something on Giganews, it doesn't exist.

Charlie - San Jose, California

You're the best because of the : -1000 Days retention -The Fastest Usenet in the World -The Best Service all in one ca offer a usenet service Always happy for the service since 5 years with you :) Thanks a lot, and continue

Delle-Case - Surgeres, France

Giganews is by far the best service out there never had a problem keep up the great work!!!!!

Eamonn - Buncrana, Ireland

I like Giganews because you guys deliver on your WORD. Giganews has NEVER let me down in the three years in which I have been a member. I have recommadned Giganews to over 50 people at NASA and they also love the service! Keep up the great work, Giganews!

James - Pensacola, Florida

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