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With Giganews I have never seen speeds this fast, 100mpbs I'm in awe. Every time I download a binary, I don't have to worry whether the file is corrupted due to the connection. Mimo is also the fastest Newsreader that I have ever used my entire life, keep up the good work!

Andrew - Lorton, Virginia

I've been a Usenet user since the 1980's and while ISP Usenet support has faltered Giganews has stepped up to fill the gap with reliable service and quality tools like Mimo. Thanks, Giganews! Got to get my alt.comp.lang.calculators.hp fix and I get it with Giganews!

Epiphysis - Warrensburg, Missouri

I love the retention but the best feature now is the Mimo Usenet Browser - awesome!!

Fraser - Blaine, Washington

I've been using you guys for a while now and while I see others with cheaper prices I also see a lot of people complaining about speed, completion, uptime, and so forth with the other services. I don't think I've ever had any downtime in the years I've been a subscriber. About 4 or 5 months ago I upgraded to the Diamond package w/ the Mimo browser and have been impressed with it so far. It's really easy to use.

Matthew - Redwood City, California

retention + search capabilities of Mimo = great experience !!

John - Rochester, New York

Been using Giganews for only a little while, but I'm amazed I haven't used it earlier. Being able to browse usenet with the Mimo its fantastic, and the VyperVPN service is something I now use everyday and makes me feel 10x secure on the web. Having Usenet and VPN service for only 30$ is amazing.

Sang - Honolulu, Hawaii

The mimo browser is one of the reason I like giganews over the others. Easy to use. Easy to search and fast at downloading.

Serge - Albuquerque, New Mexico

Giganews is the worlds Elite Usenet provider. Not only is it the worlds number 1 but it is always improving on it's service by offering VPN Protocols and firewall security for it's users. All this and a the Amazing MIMO developed for Giganews user friendly and the best Usenet browser around.

Chris - Sheffield, United Kingdom

The usenet is a mysterious and deep cavern of newsgroups and strange file types. Some people just jump right in saying they will figure it out as they go, but most of us look into the gaping black hole of the usenet and back away. Now that I have Giganews and Mimo, I feel like I have a strong safety rope and a super powerful flashlight to make the usenet much more friendly. Thanks Giganews and Mimo! R.Morben

Regan - Sooke, Canada

Giganews retention and completion are the best there is. With the Mimo service now it can't be beat. Period.

Scott - Dothan, Alabama

I love Giganews. Its so easy to get news with mimo.

Bjarne - Roskilde, Denmark

I like how you are always looking to improve your service for your customers and how user friendly the software is, I am now a diamond member with VPN which i managed to setup within 2 minutes thanks to your easy to read instructions. Also Mimo so far is the easiest newsgroup reader I have ever come across. Thanks Giganews

Matthew - Cambridge, United Kingdom

Since 2006, GN has been my one-stop shop for Usenet data. Now with 1K days looming, Mimo indexes in many cases offer more value to me than Internet searches!

Andrew - Westerville, Ohio

With this level of retention, those “article not available” messages are a thing of the past. Add the new speedy Mimo browser to the simply cannot beat the services that are being offered here.

John - Bainbridge, Georgia

When I need something, whatever it is, I just search it with Mimo, find it an download it. Giganews, as simple as “Want it ? Get it” !

Mannocci - Vernouillet, France

I love the Mimo app and how it does everything for me. A to Z usenet integration, no fuss... And when it comes to speed, it's so crazy that it takes more time putting the downloaded files on a removable drive that to actually download them off the service !

Lazarus - Levallois-Perret, France

It is simple, it is easy. It comes with the best security features I have seen. So simple to setup and easy to use, Giganews and Mimo are the perfect pair.

Alex - Westfield, Massachusetts

I used to subscribe to another provider. I was afraid to leave the ease of their browser search. Now I don't have to be afraid anymore. Mimo and Giganews make finding the article more simple than even the browser search!

John - Ford City, Pennsylvania

Giganews has the freshest data, always up front and easy to access. I love the new Mimo Reader! The best upgrade ever... now I can use Giganews on my Mac with ease! Way to go Giganews.... Been a long time user, just keeps getting better and better!

Joe - Cincinnati, Ohio

Giganews own all newsgroup, and with Mimo, it rocks !

Verpillier - Pouillon, France

Which usenet browser? .... I thought there was only one ... MIMO ... what else do you need?

Robert - Palo Alto, California

Mimo search simplifies finding anything i am looking for. Download speeds a terrific! I used to spend hours downloading headers and browsing groups, now I can do the same thing in minutes rather than hours.

Stanley - Surprise, Arizona

Giganews retention is superior! I am able to find the things I'm looking for without the frustration of having my posts expired. With Giganews I know I can get it. Mimo's search capability saves me time. VPN provides me the freedom, privacy, and security I want.

Rick - San Antonio, Texas

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