Benefits of Giganews Usenet Newsgroups

Giganews members enjoy many benefits through their personal Giganews accounts which aren't available anywhere else on Usenet.

  1. Online Control Panel
    Giganews gives you a world-class online control panel for managing your account, monitoring your usage, and learning how to improve your newsgroup experience.
  2. Excellent, Quality Retention
    Let's face it, what makes a great newsgroup provider truly great is the breadth and quality of its retention. Breadth of retention gives you many more articles to browse through to find what you're looking for, and quality means that they work. Giganews has consistently had the world's highest quality binary and text Usenet retention and we will continue to do so for years to come.
  3. 99%+ Completion
    Long retention is nice, but it doesn't mean anything if a large percentage of the articles are missing. This is why Giganews has developed patent pending Usenet technology designed to virtually eliminate missing articles. Now you can download with ease knowing that over 99% of the posts you're looking for will be there.
  4. Uncensored Newsgroups
    Giganews provides access to over 109,000 uncensored newsgroups. You'll be able to find all the information you're looking for without having to worry about missing articles in your favorite groups.
  5. 256-bit SSL Encryption
    Take advantage of the same secure connectivity used by banks, retailers, and countless other online services. 256-bit SSL Encrypted Usenet™ service keeps usernames and passwords secure, helps aid against identity theft, and can help bypass artificial bandwidth limits.
  6. Consumer Referral Program
    Giganews' Referral Program offers you up to $29.99 for every person you refer to our service. This can add up to a lot of free newsgroup access!
  7. Discounts on News Clients
    Giganews has made arrangements with several news clients so that Giganews members get discounts on their products.
  8. Loyalty Rewards
    We appreciate your business and that's why Giganews has developed a program to reward you for continuous months of service.
  9. 24x7 Support
    Giganews has members in over 180 different countries so we're watching out for your interests around the clock. Send us an email at any hour and get a timely response.
  10. 10 Minute Average Response Time on Support Tickets
    We know that when you're having problems accessing newsgroups or if you have questions on a billing issue you want help right away. This is why we constantly strive to respond to tickets as quickly as possible (Giganews guarantees a 24 hour response time, but averages about 10 minutes).
  11. Member Satisfaction Survey with Every Support E-mail
    Your thoughts on our service are important to us. This is why Giganews includes a Member Satisfaction Survey in every support ticket. These surveys are read at the highest levels of Giganews' management to make sure we're delivering our members the best level of support.
  12. Usenet Propagation (your posts are seen by all of Usenet)
    Giganews is the top provider on the “Top 1000 List” of Usenet providers. What this shows is that Giganews is the best peered news server in the world. Your posts will propagate quickly out to the rest of Usenet so you can rest assured the world will hear what you have to say.
  13. Account Auto Recycling
    While most of our members prefer our unlimited accounts, if you happen to purchase one of our more affordable gigabyte-limited accounts, you'll be pleased to know that if you run out of gigabytes by the end of the month you can automatically reset your account and start downloading again. All of this is configurable via our online control panel.
  14. Spam Filtering
    Who likes going into your favorite newsgroup and getting a pitch on a stay at home business or a degree you can get in 7 days? Giganews deploys the world's most advanced spam filtering to help make sure that bulk commercial messages are kept out of our groups.
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