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Why do I need a VPN?

  • Defeat Deep Packet Inspection

    ISPs commonly use Deep Packet Inspection to inspect your Internet traffic and limit your Internet speed, including Usenet speeds, based on the profile of your Internet usage. VyprVPN defeats Deep Packet Inspection.

  • Secure Your Entire Internet Connection

    VyprVPN secures all your online activity, not just Usenet. Hackers and botnets scan the Internet for unprotected devices. VyprVPN uses end-to-end encryption to protect all your web browsing, chats, emails, financial transactions, web passwords and credit card numbers.

  • Security While on the Go

    Golden Frog offers a variety of VPN protocol options with support for a wide array of devices. Secure your data and online activity whether you're on a laptop, desktop computer, mobile device or tablet.

    Use VPN security on any type of network, including:

    • Wi-Fi Hotspots
    • Cellular Networks
    • Private wired networks
  • Prevent Geo-Targeting

    When you're connected to VyprVPN, your IP address and location are replaced with a VyprVPN IP address. Prevent online marketers, search engines and websites from analyzing your IP address or location.

  • View Your Preferred Language and Currency

    View the Internet in your native language while traveling or living abroad. Have the ability to see your preferred currency when you visit e-commerce sites.

  • Bypass Usenet Access Blocking

    Some networks block access to Usenet. VyprVPN creates a secure tunnel to our servers, bypassing school and government Usenet connection blocks and corporate firewalls.

  • VPN Server Clusters Around the World

    • 700+ VPN Servers in Over 30 Countries
    • 200,000+ IPs (North America, South America, Europe, Asia, & Oceania)
    • Unlimited Server Switching & Speed
    See All VyprVPN Server Locations »

How does a VPN Work?

A VPN creates a secure Internet connection where your Internet Service Provider sees only encrypted data, and the final destination sees only your VyprVPN IP addresses and VyprVPN server location.

  • Without VyprVPN

    Websites see:

    • Your IP
    • Your location

    Your ISP sees:

    • The websites you are visiting
    • The videos you are watching
    • Who you e-mail
    • Who you instant message
    • Your downloads and uploads
  • With VyprVPN

    Websites see:

    • VyprVPN IP
    • VyprVPN location

    Your ISP sees:

    • Encrypted VyprVPN traffic
    • No website URLs, videos, e-mails, IMs or downloads
  • Unencrypted

    Your Location: United States Your IP Address:
  • What websites see

    What your ISP sees

  • Encrypted

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