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NAT Firewall

NAT Firewall is a packet filter that blocks unrequested inbound traffic from reaching your computer or device when connected to VyprVPN. NAT Firewall is an extra layer of protection for your VyprVPN connection.

Why do you need a NAT Firewall?

Malicious hackers and botnets are constantly scanning the Internet for machines that can be exploited for spamming or identity theft. Many applications unintentionally leave connections open. If malicious software connects to these applications, they can exploit bugs to gain control of your system and install malware. NAT Firewall blocks these scans and connections.

Why is NAT Firewall important to use with VyprVPN?

Many people today use home wireless routers. Wireless routers use Network Address Translation (NAT) to share one Internet connection with every device connected to it. When an unrequested inbound scan reaches your wireless router, it does not know which device should receive it, so it just drops the scan. When you connect to VyprVPN, you tunnel past your wireless router and get your own dedicated connection to the Internet. This connection isn't shared, so those unrequested inbound scans are no longer blocked.

How is NAT Firewall better than my operating system's firewall (Windows Firewall, Mac OS X Firewall, etc.)?

We recommend all VyprVPN users run their operating system firewall. However, OS firewalls aren't perfect. Without NAT Firewall, malicious traffic actually reaches your system. It can exploit bugs in your operating system or mistakes in the firewall permissions. By adding NAT Firewall, you block this traffic from ever reaching you, eliminating a whole range of exploits. In addition, most mobile devices don't come with any kind of built-in firewall protection at all. NAT Firewall protects them, too.

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