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Windows XP PPTP Manual Setup Instructions

Bold items are things you will click or type

How to Configure

  1. Open Network Connections in Control Panel
    1. Click Start then Control Panel
    2. Click Network and Internet Connections (skip if not there)
    3. Click Network Connections
  2. Click Create a new connection under Network Tasks in the left column then Next
  3. Select Connect to the network at my workplace then Next
  4. Select Virtual Private Network connection then Next
  5. Type VyprVPN in the Company Name box then Next
  6. Enter one of the following names in the Host Name field then Next
    VyprVPN Server Hostname
    Los Angeles, CA us1.vpn.giganews.com
    Washington, DC us2.vpn.giganews.com
    Austin, TX us3.vpn.giganews.com
    Miami, FL us4.vpn.giganews.com
    New York City, NY us5.vpn.giganews.com
    Chicago, IL us6.vpn.giganews.com
    San Francisco, CA us7.vpn.giganews.com
    Seattle, WA us8.vpn.giganews.com
    Toronto ca1.vpn.giganews.com
    Amsterdam eu1.vpn.giganews.com
    Stockholm se1.vpn.giganews.com
    Hong Kong hk1.vpn.giganews.com
    London uk1.vpn.giganews.com
    Paris fr1.vpn.giganews.com
    Frankfurt de1.vpn.giganews.com
    Copenhagen dk1.vpn.giganews.com
    Zurich ch1.vpn.giganews.com
    Moscow ru1.vpn.giganews.com
    Luxembourg lu1.vpn.giganews.com
    Bucharest ro1.vpn.giganews.com
    Singapore sg1.vpn.giganews.com
    Dublin ie1.vpn.giganews.com
    Kuala Lumpur my1.vpn.giganews.com
    Rome it1.vpn.giganews.com
    Madrid es1.vpn.giganews.com
    Tokyo jp1.vpn.giganews.com
    Seoul kr1.vpn.giganews.com
    Oslo no1.vpn.giganews.com
    Istanbul tr1.vpn.giganews.com
    Helsinki fi1.vpn.giganews.com
    Warsaw pl1.vpn.giganews.com
    Lisbon pt1.vpn.giganews.com
    Prague cz1.vpn.giganews.com
    Vienna at1.vpn.giganews.com
    Brussels be1.vpn.giganews.com
    Vilnius lt1.vpn.giganews.com
    Sydney au1.vpn.giganews.com
    Melbourne au2.vpn.giganews.com
    Perth au3.vpn.giganews.com
    Jakarta id1.vpn.giganews.com
    Auckland nz1.vpn.giganews.com
    Hanoi vn1.vpn.giganews.com
    Bangkok th1.vpn.giganews.com
    Reykjavík is1.vpn.giganews.com
    Manila ph1.vpn.giganews.com
    São Paulo br1.vpn.giganews.com
    Mexico City mx1.vpn.giganews.com
  7. Select "My Use Only" if this is only for your Windows' user account, or "Anyone's Use" if there are other Windows' accounts that should have access to this VyprVPN account
  8. Click Add a shortcut to have a VyperVPN shortcut added to your desktop
  9. Click Finish

How to Connect

  1. Double Click the VyprVPN icon on your desktop or click Start, Connect To, VyprVPN
  2. Type your Giganews Username and Password in their respective fields
  3. Click Connect

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VyprVPN Manual Setup

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