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Since 1994, Giganews has been the world's leading Usenet provider. Our news servers provide the longest binary and text retention in the world with the fastest speeds. For over 15 years, we have been fanatical Usenet supporters and remain committed to improving Usenet in the future.

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    World's Longest Retention

    At 2328 days of retention and growing, Giganews offers the world's longest and most complete Usenet archive.

  • Unlimited Transfer

    Unlimited Transfer

    Unlimited means unlimited! We do not cap or throttle your bandwidth regardless of how much you download from us.

  • 50 SSL Connections

    50 SSL Connections

    More connections equal more speed! Only Diamond members can access a staggering 50 SSL connections that will max out your internet connection.

  • VyprVPN

    VyprVPN Pro

    VyprVPN encrypts your entire connection, not just NNTP, by creating a secure, private Internet connection without sacrificing speed. VyprVPN Pro includes 2 connections, PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, and OpenVPN protocols, and NAT Firewall.

  • Dump Truck

    Dump Truck Online Storage

    Use Dump Truck to store and access your photos, music, documents and more from anywhere in the world. Sync your files on all devices with the Desktop, Mobile, and Web Apps.

  • Mimo Usenet Browser

    Mimo Usenet Browser

    A powerful, easy-to-use Usenet browser with integrated search and thumbnail viewing, developed specifically for Giganews' extremely long retention.

  • VIP

    Exclusive Extras

    Get early access to new services, features, and upgrades. We are constantly improving our services and rolling out new products and features.

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