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Golden Frog was founded to keep the Internet free and open while respecting user privacy and security. In 2009, they launched VyprVPN Personal VPN to protect users' Internet connections. They are committed to developing software and services that provide a richer online experience while maintaining Giganews members' privacy and security.

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Golden Frog Doesn't Outsource

Unlike many storage providers who rely on 3rd parties to manage your data, Golden Frog owns the hard drives and servers and manages their own network. They don't rely on third parties to store your data. When you upload your files to Dump Truck, Golden Frog is the only company who handles your data so your privacy is protected and your security is ensured.

256-bit Encrypted Storage

When you upload or download files from Dump Truck servers, all data is encrypted using 256-bit SSL - the same encryption level used by financial institutions.

All your files are also encrypted on-disk with 256-bit AES encryption. In the unlikely event that a third party gains access to Golden Frog's hard drives, they won't be able to read your encrypted files stored in Dump Truck.

No Data Deduplication

Many online storage providers compromise user privacy by using data deduplication to store less data and reduce storage costs. A storage provider that uses data deduplication inspects a user's uploads to determine whether another user has stored the same data and as a result only stores a single copy. Data deduplication allows a user's files to be unintentionally accessed by another user resulting in less privacy.

Dump Truck does not use data deduplication to inspect your files in order to save on storage costs. Golden Frog respects the right to privacy and will not inspect your files nor compare your data with any other Dump Truck user.

Share Securely with Public Links

For added privacy and security, Golden Frog implemented passwords and link expiration dates options for all public links. Public links are URLs to files or folders you want to share with friends and family. Use passwords and link expiration dates to control access to your private files and folders.

Collaborate Securely with Private Sharing

Invite other Dump Truck users to collaborate on shared files using permission levels. Collaborate efficiently with files and folders that update automatically for all users. Access shared files across all Dump Truck desktop, mobile, and web applications.

You Are The Customer, Not The Product

Golden Frog will never display ads to Dump Truck users. They do not analyze their users' data for marketing purposes or sell information to 3rd parties. They are focused on providing a high level of service - not advertising to users.

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