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Dump Truck securely stores your photos, files and documents. Access your files from all your devices and use public links to securely share your files with friends and family.

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Sync Your Files On All Devices

Dump Truck automatically syncs all your files and makes them available on all of your devices. Whether you upload photos from your mobile device or edit documents from your home computer, Dump Truck automatically syncs every file to all your devices.

  • Desktop Apps

    Dump Truck for Mac and Windows automatically syncs every file in your Dump Truck account to your desktop.

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  • Mobile Apps

    Dump Truck for iOS and Android allows easy access to your files while on the go. Access and upload photos, videos and documents from your mobile device.

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  • Web App

    The Dump Truck Web App allows access to your files from any web browser and other features such as sharing, activity feed, and more.

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Securely Share Your Files

Dump Truck allows you to securely share your files with friends and family. Create single or multiple links for a file or folder and protect links using passwords and link expiration dates.

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Collaborate Securely with Private Sharing

Easily collaborate on a group of files with other Dump Truck users. When a privately shared file or folder is changed, added or deleted, the changes synchronize to all users who have joined the share. Access these folders and files across all Dump Truck desktop, mobile, and web applications.

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Privacy is a Feature

When you upload your files to Dump Truck, all data is encrypted and Golden Frog is the only company who stores your data. Unlike other storage providers, Golden Frog doesn't rely on 3rd parties to store your data or use data deduplication to inspect your data. Golden Frog respects your right to privacy and ensures your security.

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Unlimited Performance

Golden Frog owns and manages the servers, hardware and networks to allow unlimited file sizes and unlimited transfer speeds. With Dump Truck, unlimited access means unlimited performance.

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