What is Dump Truck Online Storage?

Dump Truck is secure online storage included FREE with every Giganews account. Use Dump Truck to store, sync and access your photos, documents or files from anywhere in the world. Created by Golden Frog with a focus on speed and security, Dump Truck uses 256-bit encryption to secure your files and delivers the same unlimited speeds you expect from Giganews.

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Securely Access Your Files on Any Device

Securely store, sync and share all of your photos, files and documents online and access them from any device. Dump Truck is included free with every Giganews account!

Why Use Dump Truck?

Dump Truck is powered by Golden Frog - a company founded to keep the Internet free and open while respecting Internet user privacy and security. In 2009, Golden Frog launched VyprVPN Personal VPN to protect user's Internet connections and Dump Truck is their newest product - secure online storage for all your files.

  • Secure Online Storage

    Golden Frog owns and manages the Dump Truck storage infrastructure and stores three copies of every file using 256-bit AES encryption to deliver the highest levels of privacy and security.

  • Golden Frog Doesn't Outsource

    Unlike other storage providers, Dump Truck doesn't rely on 3rd parties to store your data or use data deduplication to inspect your data to save on storage costs.

  • Privacy is a Feature

    Golden Frog doesn't data mine users for marketing purposes or sell their information to 3rd parties. You are the customer, not the product.

  • Secure Sharing

    Securely share and collaborate on files with friends and family using Public Links and Private Sharing.

  • Apps for all Your Devices

    Don't be locked into a device eco-system. Apps for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS are included free with every account.

  • Engineered Performance

    Golden Frog owns the hard drives and servers to deliver the highest levels of privacy and security and manages their global network to deliver the fastest speeds.

A Company You Can Trust

Golden Frog is a global Internet software developer and applications provider focused on building Internet services that keep the Internet free and open while respecting user privacy and security. They are longtime Internet veterans committed to supporting a free and open Internet services to improve online privacy, security and freedom.

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