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Blazing Speed

Uncapped Speed

Max out your Gigabit connection and more on our high performance Usenet network and infrastructure. With server clusters in Europe and North America, no matter where you are in the world, you can always connect to the fastest Usenet server closest to you.

Security & Privacy

Leader In Privacy

Giganews was the first provider to offer SSL to encrypt Usenet connections to prevent ISP throttling and increase privacy. We also added VyprVPN to Giganews accounts to help our members increase their privacy and Internet freedom online.

World's Best Service

Unparalleled Service

We offer 100% newsgroup completion, 100% uptime, 24x7 friendly support, the world's highest quality Usenet retention with the fastest Usenet connections. Our members love our service, and we work hard everyday to keep that trust.

  • "I love Giganews because it allows me to use my fiber connection at (constant) full speed."

    Tommy - Utrecht, Netherlands
  • "As a Level II Systems Administrator with a Degree in Information Security, privacy is an ultimate concern of mine on the web. When Comcast asked me why my bandwidth usage was so high I simply told them 'None of your business.' Thanks to my diamond account on giganews that includes SSL connections as well as VyprVPN, it truly was just that."

    Sean - Marana, Arizona
  • "I've been a member for almost 11 years. The only thing I've done longer in that time period is being married (20 years) and my current job (14 years). I only stick with the good ones."

    Mike - Elk Grove, California

Giganews Features

  • Highest Quality Retention

    Highest Quality Usenet Retention

    For over two decades, Giganews has provided the world's highest quality Usenet retention with over 110,000 newsgroups. We deliver 6+ years of binary retention and more than 8.5 years of text retention.

  • Unlimited Access

    Fastest Speed, Unlimited Access

    Every Giganews account features unlimited Usenet speeds to maximize your connection. With server clusters in North America and Europe, our servers are nearby to ensure low latency and fast speeds no matter where you are.

  • Newsgroup

    100% Newsgroup Completion

    Unlike low-end Usenet providers, we store multiple copies of every article in our server clusters throughout the world. Regardless of article age, you'll always see the 100% newsgroup article completion and unlimited speeds whether the article was posted 30 days or 3,000 days ago.

  • Availability

    Always On, Always Available

    With redundant Usenet server clusters in North America and Europe, we offer 100% uptime and zero maintenance outages. Unlike low-end Usenet providers, Giganews is always there when you need it.

  • No Outsourcing

    We Don't Outsource

    Most Usenet providers are marketing companies that don't operate Usenet servers and resell third-party Usenet service. Since 1994, we have operated our own server clusters, managed our global network and wrote 100% of the server software to deliver the fastest, most reliable Usenet service.

  • Trusted Company

    A Company You Can Trust

    Trusted since 1994, Giganews guarantees a no-surprises, month-to-month service which you can cancel at anytime. Giganews respects your privacy. We will never sell your information to third parties or track what you access.

Giganews Exclusives

Giganews offers software and services to help improve your Usenet and Internet experience.


Encrypt all your online activity with a fast, secure personal VPN service available on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and router.

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Mimo Usenet Browser

An easy-to-use Usenet browser + search developed specifically for Giganews' world leading Usenet retention.

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Fast, Expert Support Whenever You Need It

Fast Response

Fast Response, Real People

Real in-house employees answer every support request. When you have a problem, we want it solved quickly.

Available On Weekends

We Work Weekends

Giganews support tackles problems every hour of every day, even during nights, weekends and holidays.

Free Advance Support

Advanced Support, No Charge

Giganews' support team includes systems and network engineers who can help optimize speeds, reroute traffic, and more.

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